Elevate Health

Healthcare data, treatment, research and cost is dominated by pharmacological and surgical interventions. At the same time, the majority of global deaths (74%) and healthcare costs are as a result of non-communicable diseases. Elevate Health aims to change healthcare by rewarding the collection of data, research and treatment of preventative and non-pharmacological healthcare interventions.

Change to Earn Reward Platform

Track and reward positive behavioural changes

A reward platform designed to pay cryptocurrency to patients, policy holders, employees and citizens in return for a significant and measurable change in their health behaviours.

By incentivising people to modify their behaviours and monitoring them while they do so, Elevate will be able to reduce the incidence of chronic, non- communicable illnesses in large populations and save billions of pounds for key stakeholders. This includes insurers, national health services and employers.

Data and Research

The Elevate platform will provide and receive the largest single data set within the field of preventative health outcomes. This decentralised data marketplace will allow the research into preventative and non pharmacological healthcare to move forward rapidly without individual organisations needing to complete their own data collection.

A Healthcare Ecosystem

Open source ‘plug in and play’ platform

Elevate Health is an ecosystem where healthcare providers, private and public health insurers, health authorities, concerned families and employers will be able to design specific cost-reducing solutions to address the behavioural health issues that affect individuals.

Key features

  • Financial Rewards

    Financial rewards are paid by a rewarder (e.g. a health insurance provider) to a receiver (e.g. an individual who is overweight)

  • Third-Party Integrations

    The platform is integrated with apps which monitor achievement of behavioural change metrics

  • Instant Rewards

    The receiver is notified immediately once a monetary reward has
    been paid

  • Data

    Access to the largest data set on preventative and non-pharmacological interventions

  • User Engagement

    Elevate will gamify the experience by using unexpected and variable rewards to create and maintain engagement on the platform

  • Fiat Currency Rewards

    The possibility for the receiver to monetise rewards in fiat currency via an exchange

  • Reward Options

    A health ecosystem whereby receivers can convert tokens into payment or discounts on necessary health services

  • Data and Research marketplace

    Access to the largest data set on preventative and non-pharmacological interventions

A real world example

“In short, Elevate is poised to become a major platform. It will use blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies to rejuvenate the healthcare sector.”

Tokenomics and IDO

  • Total Tokens

    200,000,000 EHT

  • Public Sale

    40,000,000 EHT

  • Private Sale (2019)

    45,000,000 EHT with a vesting period over 18 months with 10% upon listing and 18 month linear vest

  • Team

    30,000,000 EHT with a 6 month lock and then 24 month linear vest

  • Marketing

    4,500,000 EHT

  • Initial Dex Liquidity

    12,000,000 EHT

  • Initial Pilot Rewards

    3,000,000 EHT 12 month linear vest

  • Research Incentives

    7,500,000 EHT 24 month linear vest

  • Data Opt-in Incentives

    6,000,000 EHT 36 month linear vest

  • Marketplace Rewards

    8,000,000 EHT 36 month linear vest

  • Reserve-Adoption, Incentives, CEX

    44,000,000 EHT 20% unlocked and 80% released over 24 months on a linear basis.

Who we are

Expertise and networks in the medical field and behavioral health

The three co-founders are:

Simon Lewis


Simon Lewis has a BSC (Hons) in Economics and worked in the City of London for 10 years for companies such as Rothschilds and Mansion House Capital.

In 2008, Simon founded The Cabin Group and it grew to become one of the largest behavioral health groups in the world, operating in over 10 countries. In 2016, the company was partially sold to a San Francisco based Private Equity firm at a valuation of $40,000,000 and Simon exited.

Since 2017, Simon has been involved in the crypto space and in 2018 set up Elevate Health and has been slowly building the project alongside the team since.

In 2020, during the Covid lockdowns, Simon founded Bundles Finance/Bundles Bets and it is still thriving and growing today from the initial IDO price of $1.20. In Q3 2021, Simon gave the project, team tokens and liquidity pools to the Bundles community to continue to grow and build the project. This has allowed Simon to focus 100% on Elevate Health.

Alastair Mordey


Alastair Mordey is one of the world’s premier addiction treatment specialists. For over 15 years Alastair has been at the forefront of developing treatment programs for some of the world’s most successful addiction treatment facilities. In 2010 he co-founded The Cabin Rehab and The Edge Rehab, which became the two largest addiction treatment centers in the Asia-Pacific region.The Edge was the first rehab in the world to use Thai boxing and triathlon training regimens to help young men overcome their addictions. To date Alastair has overseen the treatment of more than 5000 addicted people and continues to pioneer cutting edge treatment methods in behavioral health and addiction recovery for people all over the world.

After leaving The Cabin in 2019 Alastair went on to found Alpha Sober Living and Elevate Health. Alpha Sober Living started as a group of sober houses for men, specializing in using martial arts such as Jiu Jitsu as body-based therapies. Eventually it evolved into an online recovery platform which provides high quality education and support for addicted people and their families. Elevate Health is a blockchain based reward platform which enables large stakeholders to reward populations for improving their behavioral health, with the aim of reducing the global incidence of addiction and other chronic lifestyle illnesses.

Sid Bouziane


As an expert in e-Healthcare and change Management, Sid is familiar with overseeing Healthcare strategy and operations implementation in governments and private settings. With two decades’ experience in Innovations and Healthcare as a consultant, Sid is also specialized in Business Intelligence and has been successfully helping healthcare groups in the middle east with operations and revenue cycle management. Sid bring 360-degree know-how with Health Authority Abu Dhabi, private and public medical insurances and medical Providers.

Sid was CIO and principal consultant at Berlin Health Consultancy providing services focusing on Revenue cycle management and strategy. At Solidiance, an international management consulting company, Sid has been working on several projects related to change management and healthcare in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Sid also worked at AXA UAE insurance as CIO heading the IT department to design and implement claims adjudication tools, cloud-oriented applications, and virtual desktop solutions. Before this role, Sid served as Senior Information Officer at the strategy department at the Health Authority Abu Dhabi to lead the technical implementation of the E-claim platform for the Emirates of Abu Dhabi.

Team and Advisors

Luke Watts

CEO The Cancer Coach

Luke has been involved, as a business leader, in chronic disease treatment centers and online tele-health platforms for the last 10 years including cancer, heart disease, auto-immune conditions and behavioral disorders.

He is a passionate advocate for functional and lifestyle medicine and has learned that most diseases are preventable through the choices we make. “Many people can live a life unburdened by disease and discomfort if they have access to the right information and have the support to change old disruptive habits into new positive lifestyle choices”

Dr. Carol Haddad

Integrative Cancer Care Consultant

With a professional background in Radiation Oncology, Dr. Haddad believes in combining the discipline of conventional medicine with the holistic principles of health and wellness.

Her academic background includes a Bachelor of Medical Science from the University of New South Wales followed by a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Sydney, Australia. She received advanced training as a Radiation Oncologist in the Northern Sydney Cancer Centre followed by a clinical and research fellowship in Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto, Canada. She returned to specialist practice as a Radiation Oncologist in Australia.

Combining her formal qualifications in medicine and adding the holistic principles of health and wellness, Carol is all about offering a balanced and integrative approach to cancer care for treatment and recovery as well as for enhancing quality of life and optimizing cancer outcomes through minimizing the risk of recurrence and maximizing the chance of survival.

Noel Chan, PhD

Mental Health Rehabilitation Coach

  • Cornell University School of Medical Sciences
  • Integrative Medicine at Harvard Medical School

Dr. Chan works with patients to find effective and personalized solutions and resources, supporting them to become happier and healthier versions of themselves in their health recovery journey.

In addition to her PhD, Dr. Chan completed her Positive Psychology-Based Well-Being Coaching Certification at College of Executive Coaching in the United States.

Eddy Travia

CEO of Coinsilium

Eddy has been a pioneer investor in blockchain technology since 2013. As Co-founder and CEO of Coinsilium, Eddy has led investments in 20 blockchain companies and advised more than 20 Initial Coin Offerings that have raised over US$500m.

Eddy is also a Director at IOV Labs Asia, a Singapore-based joint venture between IOV Labs and Coinsilium Group.

Following 9 years as a private equity fund manager in Greater China, Eddy co-founded the world’s first global incubator of blockchain startups and, in May 2014, was named among the ‘Top 3 Most Influential Investors’ at the Blockchain Awards.

Eddy has completed the Financial Engineering Executive Programme from Stanford University for financial executives in Hong Kong, as well as the Algorithmic Trading Programme from Oxford University.

Malcolm Palle

Executive Chairman of Coinsilium

Malcolm is Executive Chairman and Co-founder of Coinsilium. A multi-disciplined entrepreneur with a wide-ranging career spanning over 40 years, Malcolm has hands-on business experience in the technology, mobile communications, insurance and travel industries.

He has been in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry since 2014. Malcolm is also a Director at IOV Labs, the parent company to RSK, which is the first smart contract platform secured by the Bitcoin network and RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF).

Malcolm was also co-founder of MiningMaven, a well-established natural resources focused investor communications brand which he co-founded in 2009.

Case Study

Elevate Health and Cancer Care

The Cancer Coach is one of the world’s leading non-pharmacological treatment providers to people suffering with cancer. They work across the globe and with a large selection of EAPs and insurance companies. Elevate is a seed investor in The Cancer Coach and is implementing its reward and data marketplace into its offerings via a pilot project in 2014. The pilot project will be incorporated through Mercer and their employee benefits strategy and via Recovre and their EAP. The pilot aims to confirm that rewarding participants to engage in the various aspects of the programme will increase levels of participation and improve Quality of life and remission rates. In addition, the data received will be invaluable in helping to build research into improved health and wellbeing outcomes.

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